About Me.

I bring a rare mix of design thinking, big-picture strategic thinking and foresight frameworks that build on each other to help bring projects and organizations into a better-designed future.

As a designer and strategist, I bring a strong background in all aspects of design, and an escalating skillset of strategic thinking, systems thinking, and foresight leadership. I graduated with an Honours Degree in Design from York-Sheridan, continued with design management education at Ryerson, and have recently graduated from OCAD’s Strategic Foresight and Innovation program with a Masters of Design. This was a fantastic experience with amazing people that has honed my strategic thinking skills with a pronounced human-centred perspective.
It has equipped me to engage in ever-more challenging projects in design leadership, including bringing innovation and a potential new business models
to organizations, and has further allowed me to lead groups in realizing amazing design and strategic work.


I have practiced design at creative agencies, as an in-house designer at Entertainment One, and in past few years at Armstrong Fluid Technology as a Corporate Identity Specialist. Armstrong is a design and engineering company, where I have contributed an expansive programme of design standards and brand management, implemented in print, digital, industrial and experience design. I brought Armstrong a standard of design that can be experienced in every aspect of the business that is unusual in its expansiveness for a business-to-business company. I have also implemented effective user interface design on a number of projects, most recently making significant use of collaborative design techniques involving customers to achieve results that resulted in award-winning products and an important touchscreen patent in the building industry.


At present, I am using Design Thinking and innovation frameworks to help bring Armstrong into the digital and service age. Central to this new type of work is the incorporation of a very sound mix of Design Thinking and big-picture strategic thinking that build on each other progressively to help steer projects and organizations into a future that is shared by virtue of coalescing around shared goals. I am also interested in leading working sessions that will result in the thoughtful, high-quality insights and memorable work infused with a spirit of play. I love writing and presenting, and research with a boundless curiosity. I am a voracious reader, and a lover of music, movies, advertising, philosophy, history and fashion. Ultimately, I strive to enjoy my work by finding projects where I can turn my knowledge and skills into something beautiful and intelligent.