Active Performance Management cards

Armstrong Fluid Technology

This collection of information cards were intended to be a useful, modular alternative to traditional print brochures. This more personal physical format has been designed for conversations with smaller groups, especially one-to-one meetings. Printed on robust card stock, these cards have been created to talk to the individual value points of Active Performance Management technology and its suite of services.

There are four main categories of cards: Introduction, Challenge, Case Study and Supplemental. Each broad category is identified by a colored tab at top, which additionally identifies the subject of the card (eg. The challenge of transparency). The case study cards detail a compelling story for numerous client project sites, backed up with before-and-after performance numbers and other relevant items. Supplemental cards help flesh out the story with product offerings, a sustainability story and other topics related to energy upgrades that can be used to build up the argument in favor of Armstrong.

A slip folder/box with a campaign message is provided to hold the cards. In a meeting, individual cards can be spread out on a table facing the customer to talk about multiple issues at once, or carefully presented one after another based on the circumstances of each customer. With the challenge cards, outlining the problem issues on the front and then flipping the card over to show Armstrong’s solution could be very effective when done multiple times in one meeting.