Marketing brochures

Armstrong Fluid Technology

In designing brochures that educate and convince the target audiences about the principles, benefits and range of Armstrong technology and Active Performance Management Services, the goal is to balance marketing with the desire to tell a story with technical principles in a small number of pages. The technology itself is sometimes difficult for engineers to explain, which requires me to understand the context of things in order to communicate the message properly.

An interesting challenge is to do all of this with only three colours and one typeface, and not resort to “green washing” with the usual assortment of colours and design elements used int he industry. Product photography, line drawings and technical illustrations are all carefully custom-produced for Armstrong marketing. Technical drawings were creatively cropped and incorporated in the design to lend the work a sophisticated, technical tone.

The brochures were welcomed by sales reps, who now had a tool to explain what was previously seen as a mystifying technology, and how the technology can benefit their customers.