Corporate website

Armstrong Fluid Technology

This project involved restructuring and simplifying Armstrong’s corporate website with an intuitive design that will serve as an introduction to products and information about Armstrong. It’s job is to increasingly communicate the organization’s expanding role in providing connected performance services to the building industry. 

The multi-team project started with careful strategic planning, followed by user experience journeys and meetings with stakeholders. A vast amount of writing was collected for the necessary technical descriptions of products, as well as a refining of the organization’s product hierarchy. Wire drawings for the main template pages, decisions about navigation, and developing visuals of key pages took up the middle of the project. Working with a content management system to populate pages, with much additional writing and animation development constituted the end process of the site.

The new site is light years ahead of its former site, with pages that can be easily managed and updated. It is a highly-organized user experience that communicates Armstrong’s expertise, and guides users to what they need to know or acquire from their journey. A system for feedback was instituted for continual improvements.