Experience design

Armstrong Fluid Technology

Armstrong’s push into the realm of the digital world and building performance management is targeted towards high-level engineers and facility managers. Unlike many of the booths at building industry tradeshows, Armstrong’s booths incorporate a second level for meeting rooms, taking advantage of the presence of height. Broad, simple messaging of Performance Management has been the overwhelming message, while highlighting the technology message of Design Envelope as a secondary message. Digital screen displays throughout the booth incorporate desktop ’tiles’ that launch Armstrong’s proprietary user interfaces and other digital features for demonstration. Industrial design creates other areas for conversation in
the booth.

The size and orientation of messaging and illustration in the context of the booth’s location in the show and relative distance from attendees at various distances was important. There is a balance that has to be satisfied between the organization’s desire to be seen as a digital player with its reluctance to remove the presence of mechanical products in the booth that are still of interest to engineers. Iconography that communicates the feeling of a connected digital world was developed to accompany large-scale messaging, while the main sections of the booth are saturated with Armstrong’s corporate colours to distinguish the booth from the often cluttered presentations of other organizations.

These booths are among of the highlights of the show, with a disciplined typographic and icon system holding the entire design together. The tablets featured in the booth showcase the intuitive user interface developed by Armstrong design, while the industrial design of the fluid flow technology attracts attention.