Performance Management dashboard

Armstrong Fluid Technology

Pump Manager is a cloud-based subscription service that enables Active Performance Management in Armstrong intelligent Design Envelope pumps. It proactively tracks and manages pump performance and provides early diagnostic warnings, web accessible trends and analysis along with automated reports. Pump Manager helps customers make informed decisions and take immediate action to deliver the best possible HVAC performance.

As with all dashboard design, the overall goals are to display the most important information people need to achieve their objectives, presented in a way to monitor key performance indicators in an instant. At-a-glance dashboards should have display mechanisms that clearly state their message without taking up much space serve that goal, so that the entire collection of information will fit in the limited real estate of a single screen.

The design of this dashboard was a team effort, where I served as the principal user experience champion, guiding the design of the user interface to achieve the best principles of dashboard design. The map feature of this Performance Management dashboard allows building owners, facility managers and operators to zoom into equipment that has issues and buy parts or order local service. Along with a dashboard experience, managers get a monthly report detailing key performance and energy-saving measures of their equipment.