Masters of Design book

In my masters research project, I attempted to show how history can be used to prepare for a better future when combined with theory and emerging foresight practices. I have always been interested in American business history, and was introduced to the historical development of key processes in the growth and development of the modern corporation during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries while in university. Personalities associated with the rise and fall of famous firms, the decisions they made in the context of their time, and surrounding historical and social movements are compelling to me.

Of particular interest is the history of the automobile, which I felt could be a starting point for a major research project if I expanded the area of study to organizational management, systems thinking and social influences around a few key firms. In order for the project to include a significant foresight and innovation component, however, I resolved to expand the study to include multiple regions where innovation took hold and then experienced decline — and then reflect on lessons learned that can ensure success for the clusters of today and of the future.