Parts kit finder web experience

The parts business is an important profit center for Armstrong Fluid Technology. Stakeholders have stated that customers are having difficulty with the current process of finding part numbers in navigating to a PDF for the right information. We needed to change the experience so that finding a part number is much quicker and easier without having to search a downloaded document.

We are achieving this by harnessing drop down menus and visual representations of parts in the context of the product the parts belong to. At the end of the experience, customers will see a bill of material before being directed to buy the part. Reps will use Armstrong’s online selection tool to complete the purchase, whereas customers are directed to an Armstrong Rep. In this latest project, we have incorporated new collaborative research and design processes, while keeping the parts and development team in India aligned. We have used a customer testing framework invented by Mural and the in-house design team at Emerson Electric, which revealed key trouble spots that we were able to iterate through.