The future of food

Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCAD

This strategic foresight study was a group project that explores the diet of 2067 to understand the possible implications and opportunities for creating a healthier and more sustainable food system. This focus is bounded within the challenge context of rising health consciousness, and the desire of North Americans to eat food that impacts their individual health in a positive way.

How will a focus on health consciousness impact daily food routines and cultural traditions in 50 years time? How will diet-related decisions today impact the structure of North America’s food system tomorrow? Applying strategic foresight methodologies to these questions provided the group to see opportunities for exploring future consequences, while identifying possible strategies to impact these trajectories. The overall goal was to push the audience beyond their current mindset and perception of the future.

Through trend scanning, scenario development, strategic foresight, and design futures, the potential technological, economic, and cultural impacts of a diet driven by health consciousness were uncovered, providing insight into opportunities and challenges for the QSR industry audience.